America's 100

America's 100 is a group of volunteer leaders committed to help Lift Up America fulfill its mission and vision. As such, America's 100 has no legal standing of its own and serves to fulfill the objectives of Lift Up America at a national, regional and local city level through ad hoc committees and task forces.

America's 100 leaders individually and corporately are committed to be Ambassadors of Compassion and to fulfill this commitment through the L.I.F.E. acrostic

  • Leadership - America's 100 members are examples of leadership to youth of America
  • Influence - America's 100 members use their influence through relationships within business, education and government and communities to further the mission and vision of Lift Up America and Ambassadors of Compassion.
  • Finances - America's 100 members make an ongoing commitment to provide funding and to help engage others in funding Lift Up America and Ambassadors of Compassion.
  • Expertise - America's 100 members will offer and use their expertise and experience gained in corporate and business leadership to assist the development and growth of Lift Up America and Ambassadors of Compassion.